Decoded Davinci Code by Premium Labs

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A buttery pecan brulee to keep those dessert lovers happy and in love with this flavour.

This is a rich dessert with absolutely no subtlety whatsoever! The flavour is all there, creamy and rich, just like if you'd spooned it straight out of a dish, while sitting cosy in that gourmet restaurant. It wraps itself around your tongue and shouts "Wake Up" to every single taste bud that you have and then lingers in your mouth, inspiring you to take another taste so that precious flavour is never lost.

Box contains 3 x Individually packed boxed bottles

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EC-ID number 3mg EU-ID 01231-16-00552
6mg EU-ID 01231-16-00553
12mg EU-ID 01231-16-00554
18mg EU-ID 01231-16-00555
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